At our last satsang, we had the opportunity to explore closely what keeps us bound to certain stories, especially positive ones, rather than allowing ourselves to live in the present moment of Awareness, experiencing a spontaneous unfolding of life. We examined what stopped us from living in the moment—freshly—without judgments, analyses, or projections. Many present expressed experientially knowing themselves as Silence, but were having the phenomenal experience of yo-yoing between identifying with their mind created life stories and knowing themselves as Absolute, from and in which all living occurs.

We are never not Absolute. Period. We are always still, silent Awareness in every expression manifesting, even in our most deluded states, regardless of the presence of Sacred Cows (firmly held beliefs above reproach).

We all have special relationships and/or beliefs, both positive and negative, that seem to play a pivotal role in our identity that, for whatever reason, are held onto, often unconsciously. These firmly held beliefs, Sacred Cows, are often associated with the sense of, “I got it” and “I lost it.” It is not these beliefs, however, but the clarity of the recognition of/as Truth that is the source of these experiences.

Do we need to identify these strongly held aspects of this physical existence to discover life as abiding freedom? As is true with most questions, the answer depends on the position of the questioner. From the recognition as Self, as Absolute, the question falls away as irrelevant. From identification as an individual, the question seems critically important. If the goal is a more well-adjusted individual, then recognition and resolution of a Sacred Cow is of great value.

In a dim light, the moon may seem bright, but in full daylight the moon is, at best, a faint object in the sky. It is not the light reflected from the moon, but rather the intensity of the Sun’s light that determines the relative importance of the moon’s light. Like this, it is not the strength of the Sacred Cow that is relevant, but rather the clarity of the recognition as Self that is pivotal. Abiding in clear recognition as boundless Awareness, the Sacred Cow may still be seen, but will carry no more significance that the light of the moon on a sunny day.

The “path” to Self-Realization seems most efficiently traversed by cutting down the tree of ignorance (the identification as an individual separate from Life). This is much more productive than trimming the branches of ignorance one by one. This is where a Truth-abiding teacher can be helpful in pointing out all the trimming and take us straight to the trunk.

Stop. For a few minutes, simply set aside all your thoughts, beliefs, memories, identifications, goals, fears, and rest as what remains when all the things you are not are dropped. Resting as Is-ness, free from all perceptions, experience clearly what you are and be Free.

Namaste, Bec and Steve

Sacred Cows

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