We tend to think of Grace as the pleasant or serendipitous events in life nudging us to the experience of our essential nature. When an event in life brings us more peace or clarity, we think the event is Grace. When we find ourselves being caught up in a story, and recognize that we are not the story, we consider that recognition to be Grace. When we notice we are caught up in thoughts in meditation and come back to silent Awareness, we feel the blessing of Grace. With enough clarity, we are able to notice how painful events in life point out when we are identifying as a person, and we can appreciate that pain of identification as Grace bringing us back to the recognition of our true nature.

In reality, all of life is Grace. Grace is not an object in life. Grace is life itself. Grace is a verb, not a noun. It is the movement of Life as life. As such, Grace is neither good nor bad, It just is. Grace is one of those words used to describe that which is beyond description. The answer to “What is Grace?” I am Grace.

Namaste, Bec and Steve

What Is Grace?

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