If we want to wake up as our Divine essence, we need only look to our direct experience. Our Divine essence is unchanging, eternal Truth. Truth appears hidden because our tendency is to look at what is changing and to miss the still, unchanging essence of Life.

What in our experience is unchanging? Our body, thoughts, emotions, beliefs are always changing. The voice in our head is ready with answers and interpretations, but on inspection these opinions frequently change. If we look, instead, to the Stillness in our heart, we find unchanging, silent Awareness. Awareness undisturbed by the movements and expressions of our lives.

Be still and know God. If we trust our direct experience of that still, silent Awareness in our heart, we can come to the realization this unchanging, silent Awareness is not just what we are experiencing, it is what we are and always have been. Live in recognition as our unchanging Divine essence and be Free.

Enjoy, Steve and Bec

Trust Your Experience

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