Noticing what does not change is one of the most straightforward ways to recognize what you truly are. The truth of what you are does not and cannot change. An eternal truth transcends time. Everything else is continually changing. Thoughts come and go. Sensations come and go. Feelings and beliefs change over time. Your body is continually changing.

The still awareness, however, never changes. Your recognition of it may come and go, but the awareness, itself, is unchanging. This is why it is called Self-realization, rather than self-development. You already are the still, unbounded consciousness you have always been and you always will be. You only need to recognize what you have been, are, and will be eternally.

When sages declare, “I am that,” they are referring to this very recognition.

Stop, take a break, and notice what doesn’t change.

Love, Bec and Steve

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