Ignorance is the firm conviction your beliefs are true and the beliefs of others, if they disagree with your beliefs, are false. Wisdom is the recognition none of your beliefs are absolutely true. Wisdom is ignorance aware that it knows nothing. No one’s beliefs are absolutely true, and the wise recognize this.

The fundamental difference between what we, generally, consider wisdom and ignorance is wisdom is aware of its ignorance, and ignorance, withoutwisdom, lacks Self-awareness to recognize its ignorance. This is why you cannot remove ignorance with “facts.” Since there is no awareness of the ignorance, there is no openness to consider another point of view.

The most effective way to reduce the negative effects of ignorance is to recognize Self-awareness. Only by recognizing our essential nature, expressing/living as Pure Awareness, can we recognize our own firmly held beliefs as beliefs, not truths. Then, we open the door for wisdom to shine.

Stop and look at who or what holds on to a belief. If we recognize that which holds on to the belief, we make room for True Wisdom.

Much love, Bec and Steve

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