Of all the pointers perhaps the one I like best is by St. Francis of Assisi: “What you are looking for is what is looking.” This one pointing is all you need to recognize your true nature. Just stop and notice the still awake awareness which looks out through your eyes and hears through your ears. Notice that this awake awareness does not change. Thoughts, sensations, emotions, beliefs all come and go, but the awake awareness which is looking at those thoughts, etc., remains unchanged.

The reason we have you notice the gap between breathing out and breathing in is just to bring your attention to a pause. In the pause it is sometimes easier, initially, to recognize what is looking. That which is looking as your breathing and thoughts pause is what you are looking for. It is what you are. It is also what is looking when thinking is active and all through the breath, but is perhaps easier to appreciate at first when things are still.

Keep it absolutely simple. Come back to the words of St. Francis and simply notice what is looking. Life will take care of the rest. Enjoy, Steve & Bec

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