Stop. Feel what is here right now. What is not changing? Thoughts are changing, sensations are changing, but something is absolutely still. What you eternally are is what you are right now at this very moment.

What sees the play of thoughts and the transient sensations in the body? What hears the sounds that are constantly changing in the environment? What feels the air on the skin? What is the same now as it has always been? Anything you can see or experience is not you. You are before the experience.

If you want to be and live in the now, then do it right now. If your essence is not here now, then where is it? Look with a fresh eye. Set aside the expectations of previous inquiries and look anew with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind. What you are is not hiding . . . you are the present experience. Be here, NOW.

What is left if you drop all beliefs, all thoughts, and all the reasons you think you cannot awaken to your true nature at this very moment? Don’t go to your mind for the answer. Go to what sees your mind looking for the answer; that which cannot be seen, merely sensed. On the subtlest levels, you can say presence sees the thoughts, emotions, etc., but look and notice that presence, too, is seen. Notice what sees presence. When you drop everything, including presence, what is left?

Namaste, Bec and Steve

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