The search for Truth often evokes the concept of surrendering. What does this actually mean? On one level it can be seen as a “doing” or a giving up of one’s control. That may sound difficult or intimidating, but on closer examination, the idea that you give up control or you submit to a higher will assumes there is a “you” separate and autonomous from the rest of Life.

A common response is, “Of course, I am separate, autonomous, and can make the conscious decision to surrender or not to surrender.”

Let’s take a closer look. Can you decide what your next thought will be or the one after that? If you can’t control your upcoming or current thinking, how autonomous are you, truly?

Next, take a look at what this “you” is. On closer examination, it is clear “you” are not your body, your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, etc. When closely examined, it appears “you” are boundless, silent awareness.

Examined from the perspective of that silent presence, surrender is simply the spontaneous expression of Life. Ultimately, there is no one to surrender and nothing to surrender to. You are already the natural expression of Life manifesting.

If, however, you are stuck in the story that you are an autonomous individual, use that belief. When the apparent choice exists, accept it as Grace and choose to surrender the attachment to your identity as a body, thoughts, emotions, etc. Use this apparent identity as an autonomous individual to stop and earnestly ask the question, “Who or what am I?”

The willingness to surrender this belief in an individual may open space for the recognition of your essential nature and true surrender.

Enjoy! Bec and Steve

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