Stop is perhaps the shortest and most direct pointer to Truth. If we simply follow our thoughts and Stop, there is a pause before the next flow of thoughts begins. For that instant, we experience awareness without an object of awareness. Stop does not mean thoughts need to stop. If you find it hard to notice that pause before the next flow of thoughts begins, see if you can simply stop caring whether or not there are thoughts. When we stop caring about the presence or absence of thoughts, we can more easily recognize the unchanging awareness which sees the thoughts.

The simple pointer, Stop, pulls back the curtain of the ever-changing phenomenon to reveal nothingness. It is hard to imagine a shorter or more direct path to the experience of Truth, and yet, we all too often skip over that direct experience as nothingness to grab onto identification with the mind chatter. Stop points to now. It is what we should do right now. Take this moment to experience as timelessness.

Love, Steve and Bec

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