Taking Off Our Shoes

  Recently, we came across this poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Iranian Sufi poet/mystic. It is always such a joy to come across such clear pointers to Truth. We often think we are blazing new trails to recognition as

Malignant Normality

  Recently while listening to the book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” we came across the term malignant normality. Some psychologists and psychiatrists have defined this as arrangements put forward as being normal when in fact they are dangerous

Cognitive Dissonance

  If you looked at your hand and saw it had 5 fingers, you would not have to look over and over to confirm it has 5 fingers, rather than 4 or 6. If you locked your door, you might

Life As Truth

  This has been addressed before, but it comes up frequently. Very often after a glimpse as Isness, we forget what we just recognized. Apparent problems seem to arise and we often look to what has arisen as something we

St. Kevin And The Blackbird

Recently, someone proclaimed they had a “rude awakening.” Some have called this, “A dark night of the soul.” It is an appreciation of the emptiness without the recognition of/as the paradoxical fullness, both contained in and containing the emptiness. This

Mind The Gap

  The most direct pointers are the simplest. Notice the gap between thoughts, or the gap between breathing out and breathing in. Both these gaps bring the immediate, direct experience of Stillness, Silence, Isness. Stillness, Silence, Isness is present throughout the

Connie Nolan

  Our sangha is young. We have only been together a little over 3 years. In that brief time, however, the spiritual growth of the sangha through the individuals who come together to make this sangha has been phenomenal. The Light

Reed Cane Horses

  Hundreds of thousands of books speak of our daily lives as a dream, Maya, illusory, unreal. Over and over, we read these words, nod and think, how wise those masters were who wrote them. We might even stop and

Opening Our Hearts To Truth

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This approach worked well for Sherlock Holmes, as he found the truth hidden by false assumptions and preconceived expectations. Spirituality is the

Sacred Cows

  At our last satsang, we had the opportunity to explore closely what keeps us bound to certain stories, especially positive ones, rather than allowing ourselves to live in the present moment of Awareness, experiencing a spontaneous unfolding of life.

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