Recently, we came across this poem by Hafiz, a 14th century Iranian Sufi poet/mystic. It is always such a joy to come across such clear pointers to Truth. We often think we are blazing new trails to recognition as Isness, when we are simply rediscovering what has always been. The pointing of Hafiz is as alive today as it was nearly 700 years ago. When you leave behind your mind and body identification, along with your shoes, you enter the temple of Truth.

Removing The Shoe From The Temple

Once someone asked me,


“Why do saints seek divine annihilation

And are often humble

And like to spend their free time

Upon their knees?”


I replied,


“It is a simple matter of etiquette.”


Then they said,


“What do you mean, Hafiz?”


“Well,” I continued,

“When one goes into a mosque or temple

Is it not common to remove what

Covers your



So too does it happen

With this whole mind and body—

That is something like a shoe sole—

When one begins to realize

Upon Whom you are really standing,

One begins

To remove the ‘shoe’ from the



Namaste, Bec and Steve

Taking Off Our Shoes

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