This has been addressed before, but it comes up frequently. Very often after a glimpse as Isness, we forget what we just recognized. Apparent problems seem to arise and we often look to what has arisen as something we need to analyze and overcome. We have heard very good teachers encourage looking at what is coming up as part of the “process” of clearing the path to living as Freedom.

There may be relative value to addressing these “issues” as part of our daily living. If the goal is awakening as Truth, however, we would suggest using each apparent problem as an opportunity to look at who or what thinks there is a problem. Step back as Isness, open to the moment. Use the perception of a problem as a trigger to remember what you are.

We can spend this life examining each manifestation of delusion, and that may produce a better-adjusted ego. Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Ramana, Nisargadatta, etc., were not interested in producing better egos. These beings living as Truth were all pointing to Life as Truth. None of them said, “This is how to live a problem-free life.”

We already are Truth. There is nothing to do—nothing to “clear,” nothing to “free up,” nothing to “align.” Those are tales we create in identification to feed a delusional story of a someone.


Decide what your highest priority is. If Truth is your “goal,” make it your highest priority.

Namaste, Steve and Bec

Life As Truth

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