The most direct pointers are the simplest.

Notice the gap between thoughts, or the gap between breathing out and breathing in. Both these gaps bring the immediate, direct experience of Stillness, Silence, Isness.

Stillness, Silence, Isness is present throughout the breath and in the presence of thoughts, but it is often initially easier to notice during the gaps.

Typically, in the search for our Eternal Essence, Truth, we look essentially everywhere except the gaps. We look for the timeless in the ever-changing.

The most direct and effective pointers encourage the recognition of both the experience and the experiencer of the gaps.

“Stop,” “Be still,” “Look within,” “What you are looking for is what is looking.” Each of these pointers are meant to produce a pause, a gap. From, and as, this gap, unchanging Truth is Self-evident.

It is in the gap Awakening as eternal, boundless Self blossoms.

Take the opportunities throughout the day to notice these gaps. Rest as the Isness shining in the gaps. This is our Eternal Essence.

Mind the gaps and be free.

Peace, Steve and Bec


Mind The Gap

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