Hundreds of thousands of books speak of our daily lives as a dream, Maya, illusory, unreal.

Over and over, we read these words, nod and think, how wise those masters were who wrote them. We might even stop and think, “Aha! I understand the Truth of Life.”

The great mystic/poet Rumi admonished us, “Don’t wait til you die to see this. Recognize that your imagination and your thinking and your sense perception are reed canes that children cut and pretend are horses.”

In response to the pointings of these masters, we do all sort of rituals, practices, postures, and diets. We build temples, write more books, worship, and fight over which master was speaking and living Truth.

Rarely do we honestly and openly examine these statements. Rarely does one look and contemplate, what would be the experience here and now that would allow me to declare typical daily life a dream? Not just make the declaration, but have that declaration be an honest reflection of Living Truth.

Take a moment. Be open to the possibility these sages know what they write. Examine the statements as though they reflect a clear expression of your current experience.

Set aside all those patterns, beliefs, thoughts, and identifications associated with the dream of daily life for just a few moments. Notice what remains when all those beliefs associated with the dream of daily life are dropped.

Rest as the nonlocalized, eternal, universal Consciousness. As This, these statements are both true and wholly irrelevant. Can the dreamer be seen? Are we the dream, the dreamer, both, or neither? Look as universal Self.

As Truth, Bec and Steve

Reed Cane Horses

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