Recognition of Truth is not about learning more. There are over 100,000 books about enlightenment, so where are the 100,000 Buddhas? We like to think if we try harder, learn more, we can grind our way to awakening.

Awakening is not about adding to our knowledge; it is about recognizing the timeless essence of Life. It is more about subtracting than adding.

Look to those examples throughout history where recognition had clearly dawned. These were not the intellectual giants of their day; they were sincere souls who had noticed the simplicity of reality. We can often get a feel for the clarity of a teacher’s experience by the frankness of their delivery.

Reading lots of books and posts about Truth is only of value when it pauses our mind chatter long enough to allow our true nature as eternally awake Consciousness to be recognized and experienced.

Look at some of the most classic pointers: Stop; Be Still; Notice what is looking; I am that I am. None of these are calls to intellectual pursuit. They are not instruction manuals for building an enlightened mind. These are simple admonitions to live as the eternal presence here right now.

We are all invited to drop the egoic pursuit of enlightenment. Stop. Be Still. What you are looking for is what is looking. Notice the eternal Truth that we already are the timeless I AM.

Love, Steve and Bec


No Instruction Manual Needed

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