Sounds simple and it is. The problem we often encounter is we make “Be still” a doing. “Be still” is not an act of doing, it is Life spontaneously flowing. “Be still” is an automatic state when doing stops. Let go of mind’s obsession with thoughts, memories, and emotions, and what remains is stillness—Being. Awakening is the recognition as Being, as Awareness. This is the constant background and is often missed because we are looking for an experience and miss experiencing. We are solely focused on the foreground and are unconscious of the background on which it all plays out. Let go of everything we are aware of and what remains is pure Awareness—no object, no subject—just Being. The incredible lightness of Being. “Be still,” the instant, pathless path.

Stop. Be still. Now.

Hallelujah, Bec and Steve


Be Still

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