We speak of Self-realization, so what is Self? What are the characteristics of Self? As we have pointed to before, Self is not something we can define. Self is not an object or state. Self, as we use it, is another term for Primordial Absolute. We cannot know Self, we can only be Self.

Often, Self is confused with silence, peace, bliss, and love. These are the perfume of Self, but are not Self.

Do not settle for existing in the experience of the perfume of Self. The mind wants Self to be a thing or an experience, something objective, because that is the realm of what we call the mind. If we call Self silence or bliss, there is a sense of, “Aha! Now I understand.” The bliss experience is no different than the pain experience as Self. It comes and goes, and ultimately, is not what we are. And while it is quite natural to prefer the bliss and to seek out the joy, we invite you to go one step further, to go beyond, to see this apparent journey all the way through to the direct experience of Self.

As Nisargadatta stated, “To myself, I am neither perceivable nor conceivable; there is nothing I can point out and say: ‘this I am.’” Mooji has often stated, “We are perceiving what we are conceiving.”

Recognize an essence that is beyond perceiving or conceiving. Beyond silence, bliss, peace, and love. What we are is the consciousness from which perceptions and conceptions seem to arise. If we pursue bliss, silence, peace, we may live a more silent, peaceful, and joyful, relative existence, but we will miss Truth. What sees even silence and bliss?

Be the metaphorical flower from which the fragrance of silence and bliss emanates. Take the symbolic backward step beyond what is perceivable or conceivable . . . Bodhi Svaha.

मौनम् Steve and Bec


The Self in Self-Realization

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