We have frequently used the pointer from St. Francis of Assisi, “What you are looking for is what is looking.”

This is one of the most direct pointers to undifferentiated Awareness.

Often, however, the wisdom of this pointing seems missed as the mind tries to commandeer the search. This turns a simple, direct pointing into a self-reflective, mental gymnastic exercise. Pointers to Truth seem to have their greatest efficacy when first encountered. Over time, the mind co-opts the pointing and we initiate some practice, repetitive behavior, as though we will experience the simple brilliance of the pointing by use of our mind and personal will.

We suggest a simple shift in St. Francis’ pointer.

Listening as an open heart, consider the pointer: What you are looking for is what is listening.

Namaste, Steve and Bec


Revisiting, “What You Are Looking For . . .”

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