We were asked if it is possible for an awakened individual to get angry.

This is an interesting question with, at least, two assumptions that need addressed.

First, there is no such thing as an awakened individual. The belief we are essentially an individual is what we wake up from.

The second assumption is the expression of anger requires an individual who is angry. If we are identified as an individual expressing anger, we will be angry. If, instead, we are living and expressing as nonlocalized awareness—Being—anger is just one of an infinite array of life’s expressions.

When Christ threw over the table in the temple, we would suggest Christ was not angry as an identified individual, but rather, anger was simply Life’s expression through Christ. Anger conveyed a message more efficiently and effectively than a calm sermon.

Mooji once said, “Do not make the mistake of imagining the Divine judges by human standards.”

We make a fundamental error when we assume emotions have some intrinsically positive or negative value. Circumstances, society, the state of the observer, etc., all play roles in each expression. A parent chastising a child for running into the street may appear angry while expressing deep love and concern.

More importantly, it is not the emotion being expressed, but rather, the degree of identification with that emotion.

In any event, keep it simple. Stop. Notice what witnesses the emotion. Let go of identity as a mind, body, emotion, etc., and rest as awake awareness.  Living as awake awareness, Life spontaneously expresses in all Its variety and the question dissolves.

As Love, Bec and Steve



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