Our last post produced several questions and a suggested answer. It is nice to see people are considering the post.

The suppositions of the last post, however, are not meant to produce answers from the mind. The suppositions are pointers meant to produce a pause. The pause gives space to allow the direct experience of awareness without an object. The suppositions are not meant to be candy for our overactive minds. They are a wrench meant to stick in the mind’s gears.

What we are is what we have always been. That which we are predates any teachings, books, or gurus.

What we are is unchanging Eternal. The best a teaching can aim for is to stop the mind chatter for an instant, exposing the unchanging. The mind chatter can then resume, but with recognition as unchanging Awareness.

When a teaching leaves the mind actively pursuing an answer, it has missed its mark. Stop. Notice what is looking for the answer. Remember the pointing of St. Francis of Assisi, “What you are looking for is what is looking.”

Rest as that unchanging Awareness and be free.

Satya, Steve and Bec

Throw Away All the Teachings

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