What if nothing ever happened?

What if the concepts of relative and absolute are just ideas dreamt by individuals who never existed?

What if in the beginning there was a void-nothing and there never was a beginning? What if beginning, void, and nothing are just ideas dreamt by individuals who never existed?

What if all there is is is-ness before the concept of is-ness?

Then what we are, what we think, what we experience would all be apparent expression of what could exist if that which is beyond the concepts of existence and nonexistence had expressed in this way. We would then represent a possible expression of what never expressed.

What if awakening is the recognition that what you considered yourself to be never existed beyond a thought believed by an individual who never existed? We might then expect this apparent dream would vanish like waking from a nighttime dream. The recognition as nothingness beyond the concept of nothingness would not necessarily affect the dream, since it was never an actor in the dream. The dream would not necessarily stop on awakening, because it never happened. It would simply be an example of: What if something did happen?

What if each moment is an autonomous holographic reality containing a past, present, and future?

What if nothing ever happened, everything is always happening, and this instant is the eternal now?

If these suppositions do not resonate, don’t worry. No thought captures reality and no thought should be believed. These are merely meant to give us space to consider we may not be what we believe ourselves to be.

In Truth, Bec and Steve


What If?

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