This post is offered to a dear friend, with general application for us all.

The path to fully living the recognition as undifferentiated awareness often doesn’t feel urgent. We, after all, have our entire life ahead of us. Sometimes, nature steps in to threaten our sense of complacency by removing our false sense of confidence of having a long time to achieve this recognition. When this occurs, we often fail to recognize the gift of Grace received.

Ramakrishna reportedly said, “Do not seek illumination unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.”

When faced with our own mortality, we no longer have time to waste wallowing in old habits. The time is NOW to recognize ever-present, timeless That, which can be experienced and lived immediately. Today, this very second, not tomorrow or next week. We are not our mind, our body, our thoughts, our emotions, or our illness. We are the undifferentiated awareness, the unchanging essence, and That which is beyond, beyond, beyond all concepts.

When nature makes it too uncomfortable to maintain the identity as a body/person, we are graced with a push to drop this false identification. But we are wise not to rely on nature to grace us with a clear glimpse of our mortality before dropping our identification with the changing. Blessed are those who nature chooses to remove the false sense of limitless time and forcefully pushes to drop these false identifications.

The greatest use of this life is the recognition as our Divine Essence. When nature subjects us to the pain of illness and the uncertainty of our continued existence as a person, we are graced with recognizing the immediacy of the need to notice That, which sees the pain, sees the illness, sees the fears, and realize we are That. We are That, which is beyond pain, illness, fears, and death.  We are, and always have been, eternal, boundless Peace.

Sometimes the greatest expressions of Grace do not appear gracious in the moment. May our dear friend, and all expressions, be graced with this recognition as eternal essence beyond the limits of our changing existence.

Love, Bec and Steve


For A Dear Friend

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