Holidays offer an opportunity to break from our daily routine. Thanksgiving is devoted to reflection on how our lives have been blessed. We suggest the greatest blessing is Grace leading to the recognition of life as a serene love beyond the concepts of serenity and love. The recognition of individual life as universal life transforms Thanksgiving into Thanks Being.

Thanks Being transcends the egoic perception as an individual giving and receiving thanks. Thanks Being is an expression of Universal Love and Grace reflecting as, and for, all manifestations of Life. Thanks Being is the spontaneous flow of Selfless Love.

This year, as we stop to consider how our lives have been blessed, we suggest taking a little time to look at who or what has received those blessings. Stop and look at what is contemplating the blessings of this past year. Notice the still, awake presence witnessing the thoughts of the past year. Be open to Grace. Recognize Unchanging Eternity, Selfless Love, Awareness as what we all are and be free.

Make this Thanksgiving an expression as Thanks Being.

Love, Steve and Bec


Thanks Being

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