The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is a source of angst for proponents of both candidates. There was no result that would have been met with anything approaching universal applause.

The winners look to the results as a confirmation they were right all along and see the true path to a great country on course once again, while the losers feel torn between a hope the country is on the right path and a deep fear it has just taken the wrong turn.

In the end, an election is merely a mirror. It reflects the consciousness of those who participate and those who choose not to participate.

As identified individuals, our vanity makes us certain we know what is best for ourself and everyone else. We think we understand how the universe works and the best path for the good of all life. We believe our thoughts are right and other individuals thoughts are wrong, or misdirected, at best.

The highest purpose of this life is the lived recognition we are all expressions of the same Divine Essence of all life. When we recognize our true nature as that which is beyond even the silent awareness seeing thoughts, we are free from the bondage of believing thoughts.

We, as Steve and Becky, still have preferences, and in this case, our preferred candidate lost, but we no longer identify with that preference as our identity. Fighting what one perceives as wrong is an inefficient use of energy. Instead, life here—with no allegiance to someone with stories or perceptions—directs, informs, and motivates our living to the best advantage of ALL life forms, whether that be human, fauna or flora. Life is Unity and Its spontaneous expression supports that recognition.

Whether your candidate won or lost, all are encouraged to stop, look at who or what it is that believes their candidate is best. Notice the unchanging silent awareness looking for the answer to the question, Who or What am I?  As that boundless awareness, do those strongly held beliefs still define who you are? As that undifferentiated awareness, you find Unity of everything. As this Unified Life, do those strongly held beliefs even make sense?

Both candidates wanted change. We would suggest the change from identification with everything that changes to the recognition as Unchanging Awareness is the solution to Christ’s admonition, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the earth, and yet, men do not see it.”

Whether your candidate won or lost, the sun came up and set the next day. Drop the identification with the mind, body, thoughts, beliefs. Free of those false identifications, live in recognition as Truth of our apparent life in this creation in whatever form It takes.


The Presidential Election

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