How is Unity experienced in daily life? Unity is the lived recognition as unborn Awareness, the substanceless substance of life. When life is lived as Awareness, life intuitively sees Awareness reflecting in all Its apparent forms.

Life consciously expressing as Awareness enlivens Its recognition in all other expressions of Consciousness. This is seen in the eyes at checkout lines when mundane repetitive experience notices its existential reflection, in the changed tone of voice on the other end of the line discussing a reservation cancellation, or in the calming of a stray dog. Throughout the day, Awakened Life shares glimpses of Itself with everything It encounters.

Awakened Life is like a burning log spontaneously warming everything It touches.


Unity In Daily Life

One thought on “Unity In Daily Life

  • October 31, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    I love your reference to those you meet in checkout line … being friendly and kind to those who you most likely will never see again and they smile back and you get to enjoy a moment of bonding rather than being aggravated at having to wait an extra minute to get checked out … life is way too short not to be happy!


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