We were recently asked, “How should I work to combat evil in our world?”

This is a complicated, emotional, and judgment-laden question that goes to the very core of why many individuals spend time meditating and pursuing awakening. Awakening is the recognition we are not the mind, body, emotions, beliefs, or roles in life that have formed the sense of individual identity. Awakening is recognition as Awareness. We wake up from the individual, not as the individual.

Life as Awareness lives spontaneously; therefore, the question has no relevance while the answer is the natural expression of Life. The answer is thus: first discover who the ‘I’ is asking the question and see if the question remains.

From the perspective as an identified individual, the question is much more complicated. A general rule is to treat others as you want to be treated. The concept of combating evil is filled with pitfalls. We suggest a better egoic approach is to support unity in life.

Since the fundamental nature of Life is unity, energy is better spent supporting the expression of unity, rather than fighting the apparent expression of differences. That does not mean expecting others to share your beliefs; it means supporting those ways we are fundamentally the same.

Drop the crusades and agendas, and simply treat others (human, animal, plant, etc.) as you would like to be treated.


The Fundamental Nature of Life is Unity

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