Recently there have been some questions about being stuck in thought loops (a group of thoughts that support a believed story). For some, these are thoughts about the past, and for others, they are concerns for the future. There are also thoughts loops that analyze and judge the present moment creating a story believed to be true. When we identify as a body with a name, gender, and role, it opens the door for the mind to step in and create a story to support an illusory ‘me.’

But we are not our bodies or our thoughts. When we recognize this, we are free from the need to believe the thoughts or to be affected by their presence. Stop . . . what are we experiencing just before the thoughts? This Stillness, Silence, Awareness, which we are, is merely experiencing through our bodies a mind doing what a mind is designed to do—think. Whether it is a clear mind, a beginner’s mind that uses thinking for practical living, or a mind doing extraneous thinking to hold together transient story loops that support an illusory ‘me’, makes no difference to the awareness of the Absolute Primordial Ground from which it all arises. We are This from which it all arises.

If we find we are caught up with thoughts or regrets about the past or worries for the future, the suggestion is to take that moment when we recognize we are thinking about a past or future event as an opportunity to appreciate Silent Awareness witnessing the thinking. Take what is currently seen as a problem and experience it as Grace triggering recognition of our Divine Essence.

The highest goal of existence is to recognize we are Divine Essence. These thoughts believed in are like a thorn, which when used to trigger the recognition of Awareness, helps dig out the illusory identification as a person. When we recognize/experience we are simply Awareness, the thoughts lose their power, and like a thorn that has served its purpose, can be dropped.

Mooji conveys this beautifully: “This ‘I-me’ requires high maintenance. Discover and be the story-less, history-less ‘I-am’ presence. That one is no trouble. It is not different from God. It blesses all who seek Truth.”


Sticky Thought Loops

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